Carla Beauvais receives the prestigious Quebec National Assembly medal at La Citadelle!


Yesterday, Fondation Dynastie co-founder and general manager Carla Beauvais received the Medal of the Quebec National Assemblyfrom Marwah Rizqy, Member of the National Assembly for Saint-Laurent, under the banner of the Liberal Party.This high distinction recognizes the merit of individuals or organizations who have carried out exemplary action for the good of the community in the cultural, sporting, social or entrepreneurial fields. This is Carla's first provincial recognition, and underlines the breadth and depth of her accomplishments.

After more than 20 years behind the scenes and on the front lines as a social entrepreneur, activist and columnist, her resilience and passion for inclusion and diversity have made her a reference in the field . A Quebecker of Haitian descent, she grew up in the Saint-Michel district, where she understood social disparity and inequality from an early age. From then on, whether at the private high school she attended, at university or later in the job market, the importance of fighting for equality and recognition for Afro-descendants became her hobbyhorse.

It is with great pride that I award the medal of the National Assembly of Quebec to Ms. Carla Beauvais for her tireless efforts to make Montreal's business, cultural and power communities more inclusive and egalitarian. Her social involvement for a fairer world shines throughout Montreal, making her an inspiring role model for young and not-so-young Laurentians alike. Bravo and thank you Carla for your influence, which extends beyond the borders of Saint-Laurent! says Marwah Rizqy,  Saint-Laurent deputy for the Liberal Party.

Carla Beauvais and Marwah Rizqy, Saint-Laurent deputy for the Liberal Party - credit Maison Seenopsis

From 2009 to 2022, Ms. Beauvais orchestrated and coordinated the development and organization of Black History Month. Her involvement has enabled the organization not only to carve out a place for itself in Montreal's socio-cultural landscape, but also to raise awareness and engage major private and government partners. She is also co-founder of theFondation Dynastie. Founded in 2016, the organization's mission is to support and accompany people from black communities evolving in the media, arts and culture. The organization's many initiatives shine the spotlight on Afro-descendant talent by facilitating their development and professionalization. The Rire en scèneprogram, the Summet Dynastieprogram, theSemaine Dynastie and the Gala Dynastie - a two-part event, Soirée Médias and Soirée Culture, are all examples of ambitious projects that fulfill this mission and aim to sustainably transform these industries for current and future generations. 

I am deeply moved by this recognition of my involvement and achievements in my community. Along the way, I've been accompanied by mentors, leaders, colleagues, partners, friends and family who believed in me and my dreams. I sincerely thank them; without them, none of this would be possible today. It has always been natural for me to showcase the talents of others. To have the impact and importance of my vocation recognized is a mark of appreciation that warms my heart! Carla Beauvais, co-founder and general manager of the Fondation Dynastie

A woman of heart and commitment, this honour joins several others she has won over the years: 

  • Winner, Perspectives competition (2024)
  • Honorary Award, SDE Gala (2024)
  • YWCA Woman of Distinction Award (2022)
  • Prix Reconnaissance, Social Action category, awarded by the Service d'Orientation et d'Intégration des Immigrants au Travail de Québec (SOIT - 2022)
  • Laureate, Black History Month awarded by La Table Ronde du Mois de l'histoire des Noirs (2022)
  • Winner, Community Leadership Award from Montreal Community Cares (2021)
  • Named one of The Gazette's 100 Personalities of the Year in 2015 for her involvement with Black History Month.

The award ceremony for the Medal of the Quebec National Assembly took place at the Eclektic Hub at the CitadelleThis building, erected last September, pays homage to Haiti's architectural marvel, a symbol of affirmation, resilience and courage. This building was Carla's dream, to house the Fondation Dynastie offices and ecosystem. A fitting venue for the presentation of this well-deserved award!

Several distinguished guests, including Shirley Dorismond, MNA for Marie-Victorin for the Coalition Avenir Québec party, Haroun Bouazzi, MNA for Maurice-Richard for the Québec Solidaire party, Frantz Benjamin, MNA for Viau for the Québec Liberal Party, Christopher Skeete (by video), Minister for the Economy - Minister responsible for the Fight against Racism, Dominique Anglade, former leader of the Liberal Party, Laurence Lavigne Lalonde, Mayor of Villeray - Saint-Michel - Parc-Extension and Marwah Rizqy, MNA for Saint-Laurent for the Liberal Party. Maguy Métellus, Margaret Archer and friends and family came to celebrate this inspiring moment with Ms. Beauvais. 

Representatives of Quebec's political class, members of Carla Beauvais' family and special guests - Credit Maison Seenopsis

At Carla's side, one immediately senses her unique personality, combining gentleness, curiosity and determination. Her commitment to projects promoting equality, diversity and inclusion is more than admirable. A courageous pioneer, she is a source of inspiration not only for Black women who aspire to break down barriers and make their voices heard, but for our society in general, which lacks representativeness. She is a perfect example of how every individual has the power to create meaningful and lasting change. The recognition she has received is, without question, commensurate with her merits!" emphasizes Margaret Archer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fondation Dynastie.

Part of the Fondation Dynastie team and members of the board of directors - credit Maison Seenopsis

The entire Fondation Dynastie team is proud of this achievement. Over the years, Carla has demonstrated undeniable leadership combined with a clear vision of her aspirations to embody change! This distinction solidifies the impact and importance of raising our voices to defend our social ideals. 

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